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LAFD,Evan Swanton, has Chronic Skin Problem all of his face, specially Under Chin, Finger's Wound is more than 1 week old scarred (on its edge) Wound...FAKE CRIME EVIDENCES ​LAFD + LAPD CORRUPTION CASE: ​WHAT HAPPENED ON MY ARRESTING DAY?(Jan 26,2014) 1.Jan 25,2014: I told LAPD watch commander,Sgt Clark I would put his misconduct through LAC grand jury !! because he won't arrest Upper Unit's Trespassing & Daily Damages to my properties. Sgt Clark cited "you and his units shares common area,so IT IS NOT A TRESPASSING. I filed a complaint against a supervisor Sgt to Officer Coco beforehand into Internal Affair. ​..............Sgt Clark's Fraud has ripped through several years after Jail Time. Olympic Div is Responsible ! ​ 2.jan 26,2014: I got assaulted by my neighbor(Max Johnson,1734 Arlington )who manages AA House in our neighborhood where my 2012 Jail-Friend stays. His name is Charles House(White,short,medium built, english/spanish speaking, Chronic Severe Alcoholic). I complained days ahead I was not able to DRIVE OUT my car from Backyard and also my neighbors are experiencing this house' Tenants' panhandling in our district. I BOUGHT THIS CAR FROM CHARLES HOUSE which was left behind Ms.Issac's Brother Death. MS ISSAC(in 70's) GAVE IT TO CHARLES HOUSE. I BOUGHT IT FROM CHARLES HOUSE, TO HELP CLEAN-UP AA HOUSE BACKYARD WHERE 'SAD-LOOKING' TENANTS ARE HANGING OUT ALL DAY LONG. MAX JOHNSON WAS VERY UPSET AS A MANAGER,BUT THE HOUSE OWNER, MS ISSAC LOVED ME. I LOANED HER 10 OF BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED POT GARDENS FOR HER BACKYARD where Alcoholics are hanging out... Before my clean-up and decorating, HER BACKYARD WAS ANOTHER TRASH CAN. All of AA tenants Loved Me. I was only One who was allowed to VISIT this House ! Secrete AA House, most of Tenants are from LAC Jail. 2A.,then I called 911, Officer Coco(tall black guy) + Officer Oh showed up 3.then,police asked me to jump in paramedic van for medical evaluation 4.during 10 min with LAFD inside Paramedic Van, I REQUESTED "DROP OFF" then,all of sudden I GOT ARRESTED IN LAFD VAN(Evan Swanton paramedic Driver). 5.I DID NOT KNOW WHY I WAS ARRESTED 5a. Sgt Clark authorized my ARREST without speaking to me, He just peeked through its cell window in Olympic Div, Officer Coco arrested me along with officer Oh(But Officer Coco is NOT on Police Report). Sgt Clark had been going AFTER Me beforehand as a Watch Commander. One Day, when I called 911 due to Grand Theft,Olympic Div had to fight with 911 Call Center Supervisor(Ms.Miller & Reeves) over 24hrs marathon Authority Fight where Olympic Div Must have had to Dispatch Police to My Home, at 1716 Arlington Ave,LA 6.March,2014:LATER I FOUND OUT I WAS CHARGED FOR ASSAULT & WOUNDING LAFD. 6A. Dr.Romanoff at LAC Jail Psychologist declared I WAS INCOMPETENT TO STAND TRIAL UNDER DELUSIONAL GRANDIOSE, mandated RX,but later Jail Psychiatrist, Dr.Truong, tested me for Delusional Grandiose, but failed to bona fided. So He couldn't enforce any pychiatriac RX. 6B.I had to wait for entering Mental Hospital over 6 months 6C. Aug 2014-Nov 2014: Metropolitan State Mental Hospital, MY PD CALLED ME, I TOLD I WAS TOLD INNOCENT FROM LAFD PROFESSIONAL STANDARD DIV OFFICE(CAPTAIN KNIGHTEN) Mental Hospital Social Worker called and found out PHONE NUMBERS FOR LAPD INTERNAL AFFAIR & LAFD PROFESSSIONAL STANDARD OFFICE. 6D. mental hospital had a Public telephone and mental hospital gave all of us $10/month(because of being Mental Hospital, Treatment is quite different although we were under Custody. Aug 2014: I WAS ABLE TO LODGE COMPLAINTS WITH LAPD INTERNAL AFFAIR & LAFD PROFESSIONAL STANDARD OFFICE, SINCE THIS IS LAPD+LAFD PERJURY CASE I FILED COMPLAINTS AT BOTH OFFICES ! CAPTAIN KENNETH KNIGHTEN TOLD ME I WAS INNOCENT !! 213-202-3190 7.sept 2014: LAFD professional standard office investigated In my favor: I was innocent 7A. Nov 2014:my Public Defender(Robin Ginsburg,213-974-0858,Deputy PD) failed to fight DA's Bully, refused to Subpoena 'fake photo-shopped' Wound Photos which were taken at various locations, over several days. They are taken not at Police Station,Nor at Clinic where He claimed his wound taken care of. He cited at Cedar Sinai Hospital. MY PD FAILED ON EVERYTHING. CALBAR.CA.GOV investigates her Gross Negligence Public Defenders are Useless,most of time ! Despicable Lawyer ! 7B. Feb 5,2014 I had to Take Plea of Resistance to Arrest,no probation ! Due to my PD's Threat. However, DA Robert Wallace won't submit Crime Evidences, 911 call recording,Police Dispatch Log etc over 1 yr despite my PD's Demand Letter. .He was hiding Exculpatory Evidences( including 'Photo-Shopped Fake Wound on LAFD's Face). Despicable Lawyer ! 7C. I was grabbed by ICE, in contrast to my PD's promise, went to Santa Ana Deportation Court 7D.April 2005. I was declared "Incompetent to Represent Myself", per Franco-Gonzales Class Action: Judge Kevin Riley 7E. I was forced to Immigration Attorney !!! who did a horrible job over some years. Now director at took my Case,but did everything against my BENEFITS :(. Despicable LAWYER ! 7G. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at Alhambra Mental Hospital(threatened by Sgt Karmen Kim) ​ when I called 911 & transported to Cedar Sinai Emerg Room. That happened also in early 2007 when I was hospitalized at Cedar Sinai after I called 911 from weho, and HIGH Rank LAPD threatened Emerg Doctor to send me to Its Own Mental Hospital on the roof of Cedar Sinai Bld. Dr.Wong disapproved 5150 on next day. 7F.Aug 2018: Judge Ruan declared "HOLD" on my deportation due to Severe Mental Illness. 8.March 2019:I pressed a counter-charge on LAFD(evan swanton) at hollywood Supervisor Sgt Rodriguez(#35465)(in progress) 9. March 2019:after 5y, I requested Dept 133,Judge Mitchell to re-open my case:BA420787. I took a plea of "resistance to Arrest"(Feb 2015) 10.Atty Terence Cheung got assigned to my case: BA420787. He never called me even once. Gross Negligence Despicable Lawyer ! DIFFERENT VERSION ​​-Different Version(Chronology) jan 26,2014: arrest and instant jailing under Charge of 'Assault and Wounding" Paramedic I called 911 for I got declared Incompetent to Stand a Trial, waited 6 months to get to Metropolitan Mental hospital (4 months), finally got away from Crowded Inmates,and with Social worker's Help, I FOUND OUT PHONE # FOR LAFD PROFESSIONAL STANDARD OFFICE. I entered metropolitan mental hospital(aug 2014) I called LAPD internal affair and LAFD professional Standard office to report Wrongful Imprisoment(Sept 2014) 2014 my public defender, atty, called me re: why I was suicidal watch list .During this phone call, we talked about LAFD Captain Knighten's Declaration of my Being Innocent ! /2014. my public defender won't show up 5 of video conferences(Nov2014- Jan 2015) her supervisors( jeff gilliam and gil thomas got fired as a result, 2016) 2014, I was sexually molested/harassed by jail deputy(now 2019, they took my new complaint, sgt cobyn) 2015: I was forced to take a plea bargain by my PD who refused subpoenaing 'photo-shopped' Wound on LAFD face 2/2015: I was grabbed by ICE, gone through deportation . Judge kevin riley declared I am incompetent to Represent myself,forced to ATTY ( who back-stabbed me most of time, got cut by Fed Judge who PUT MY DEPORTATION ON HOLD. issued Work Permit ..Despicable Lawyer ! Sept 2015: I hired Atty John Duran(Weho City Mayor) Over the Phone, TO WITHDRAW PLEA,but no work done,NO SHOW,no Refund ! Despicable Lawyer ! John Duran was on twice for his public misbehaviors & Fuss. fed judge granted Work Permit, stopped Deportation for Good.(Aug 2018) . She said "Mr.Noh,you even brought over Big Banner"...). That Banner says " reports Massive Corruption" where my Polygraph was up there. 5/2019 Criminal Court dept 133 judge craig mitchell reopened my 2014 case. under penal code 1473.7 &1473.6 post conviction appeal measure from outside jails 3/2019 I went to Hollywood Detective(roger Klor,SGT) took my initial complaint against LAD Professional Standard 5/2019 High Rank City Attorney(vivienne Swanigene) tried to cover up its office, only to end up SHUTTING DOWN 11/2019, I filed a complaint against LAC DA jackie Lacey into, who determined not enough info , CLOSED 7-12/2019 newly assigned ATTY(T.Cheung) hides away ! No Phone Call was made by my new atty cheung over 1 yr. 12/2019 spoke with co-worker to detective sgt klor ( who got my Compliment 10/2019 Sgt Norwood rejected my complaint against my 2014 wrongful imprisonment 11/2019 Sgt Norwood brougt 4 jr police for petty complaints ( my new roommates is homo-sexually harassing me) but failed to write of Incident Report, so I couldn't receive Victim Assistance from City Atty Office. Song Cheung used my 2017 Complaint(I was a victim of LAPD corruption) to open my Victim Assistance Help.213-382-6654


1. Jan 26,2014: I was assaulted by my neighbor and called 911. Arriving LAFD were Evan Swanton and Philip Campenella who asked me to jump into paramedic van and lie down on guerney. 2.they located my med record via my SSN: AIDS, Hepatitis C, Diabetic, Heart Failure,major depression etc 3.they told me they would take me to Closest Emerg Hospital (Olympian Med Center). I requested Paramedic to contact Captain Knighten, to override LAFD's protocoal re: whether I should be transported to close Cedar Sinai Med Center who has my previous Heart Diagnosis record,since I was experiencing severe chest pain as well as I was losing a lot of weight/lethargy etc. Cedar Sinai physician told me to go through more specific diagnostic method like Ultrasound exam etc 3 months ago, but my family MD said it takes 3 months to get referral to Cardiologist. so it was about 3 months since then 4.I don't know whether or not LAFD did not like my AIDS condition, or skinny & bony condition of mine, or woman's handbag(hinting I might be a queer) or demanding to call Captain Knighten. soon as they refused my request, I ASKED THEM TO DROP ME OFF, SO THAT I COULD TAKE A TAXI. soon as they pulled over their paramedic van,LAFD restrained me and I WAS ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY by LAPD office coco who has been going after me beforehand. 7.I also filed a complaint against Captain Knighten who wished to BRIBE ME , in order for me to withdraw my previous complaints against HIGH RANKS in his office like David Spencer etc 8.sept 2014, I called Captain Knighten to investigate LAFD's wrongdoing to have put me in jail while I was semi-terminally ill and skinny & bony. 9. captain knighten took 10 seconds to take my complaint,and on very next day, HE DECLARED I WAS INNOCENT AND HE CLAIMED HE EVEN CALLED MY PUBLIC DEFENDER. I ASKED HIM TO CALL DA AT THAT TIME. CAPTAIN KNIGHTEN DOUBLE-ENSURED THAT HE EVEN GOT A PERMISSION FROM HIS SUPERVISOR. 10.sept 2014, I also called LAPD internal affair to file my complaint as well, still they are not releasing their investigative RESULT, as of feb 25,2019. Office of Inspector General has been following my issues with LAPD over last 10+years and well aware of my wrongful jailing matter. 11.Since this conviction landed me Deportation Order, I had to deal with my debilitating healths, suicidal depression, homelessness etc for last several years. 12.Dec 2018, I met with LAPD hollywood Detective to press a criminal charge against LAFD evan swanton and philip campenella. Detective Knor took my case contingent upon his confirmation with Captain Knighten's Innocence statement on me... but Knighten will not cooperate with LAPD detective... I accused Obstruction of Justice. 13.a month later, LAFD Professional Standard's top authority(supervisor to captain Knighten) told LAPD detective that Evan Swanton and Philip Campenella did not do ANYTHING WRONG. AND THEIR OFFICE HIRED HIGH RANK ATTORNEY, JUST TO DEAL WITH MY COMPLAINTS, SO FAR CITY ATTY IS PLAYING GAME TO HIDE LAFD'S MISCONDUCT/PERJIRY/FRAUD 14.feb 21,2109: I contacted Office of Inspector general again because LAPD INTERNAL AFFAIR PUTS MY PHONE CALLS ON HOLD , OVER 2 HRS EACH TIME I CALLED OVER LAST SEVERAL YEARS. 15.During a Trial, LAC DA refused to submit Crime Evidences("wounded face pictures) which was 'PHOTOSHOPPED' on Wounds and Medical Record of Evan Swanton who claimed to have his wound care done at Cedar Sinai Hospital 16.I took my own polygraph, It shows LAPD Pollice Report was 100%( to see it, go to

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