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LAFD,Evan Swanton, has Chronic Skin Problem all of his face, specially Under Chin, Finger's Wound is more than 1 week old scarred (on its edge) Wound...FAKE CRIME EVIDENCES ​LAFD + LAPD CORRUPTION CASE: ​WHAT HAPPENED ON MY ARRESTING DAY?(Jan 26,2014) 1.Jan 25,2014: I told LAPD watch commander,Sgt Clark I would put his misconduct through LAC grand jury !! because he won't arrest Upper Unit's Trespassing & Daily Damages to my properties. Sgt Clark cited "you and his units shares common area,so IT IS NOT A TRESPASSING. I filed a complaint against a supervisor Sgt to Officer Coco beforehand into Internal Affair. ​..............Sgt Clark's Fraud has ripped through several years after Jail Time. Olympic Div is Responsible ! ​ 2.jan 26,2014: I got assaulted by my neighbor(Max Johnson,1734 Arlington )who manages AA House in our neighborhood where my 2012 Jail-Friend stays. His name is Charles House(White,short,medium built, english/spanish speaking, Chronic S